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I've had a great time doing Lexis Korea's intensive Korean course. 
Our whole class came as total beginners and we were all reading, writing and speaking in the first week. This course really helped me get more out of my trip in Korea. 

The staff were really helpful and assisted me a lot getting set up in Seoul, arranging my accommodation and Korean phone number.

A big thank you to the friendly staff, teachers and fellow students, as well as a really effective course. I never thought I could learn Korean basics so quickly.
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“I like my teachers here in Lexis Korea. I feel the students and teachers’ relationship is really close and creates an atmosphere that we can communicate easily with teachers.

My Korean skill has improved since I’ve studied at Lexis and I am satisfied with my progress.

I started off with 2 months homestay but now live at a share house. I have lived with Korean, Chinese, German and Japanese people, making an effort to put myself in where I would communicate in Korean.

At first I wanted to go home but it turned into opposite during 6 months. Now I want to remain here."


Shoko (24), Japan

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"저는 태국에서 왔습니다.

Lexis Korea 에서 한국어 공부 끝내고 갑니다.

저는 이곳에서 많은 한국 문화 체험과 한국어 공부를 할수있었으며, 여러 다른 나라 친구들을 만날수 있었습니다.

정말 기억에 남는 기간입니다. 앞으로 많은 학생들이 한국에대해 공부하고 한국어를 배우면 좋겠습니다."


Jeerawan (23), Thailand



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