Our Students
2014.12.18 10:28:11 (*.74.234.107)

Ms. Hoitsma, Charlotte [Netherlands]


My time at Lexis Korea has been great.
From the moment I arrived, I felt at home because of the excellent staff(you can ask anything!) and friendly atmosphere.
After ten weeks of studying at Lexis I have learned so much.
I knew nothing before I came and now I can have conversations.
Studying at Lexis never feels like nowhere else as here, this is due to the teachers!
They are very friendly and always encouraging you.
My advice for learning Korean is to speak as much as passible even though it’s really hard in the beginning.
Just keep trying, making mistakes is okay!
It doesn’t matter if you don’t know any Korean before starting at Lexis.
They have an excellent program to get you started.
But I would recommend learning (a little bit) of the alphabet, that way you can start learning really fast!
Conclusion: if you are thinking about coming to Lexis, I would definitely go!

정말 감사합니다 렉시스.
렉시스 시간이 너무 재밌었어요.
렉시스 왔으니까 행복해요.
다시 한국어를 한국에서 공부할 거면 렉시스 또 올 거에요. 안녕!

2014.12.08 11:00:10 (*.74.234.107)


Ms. Scheydecker, Isabell [Germany]

It was really fun to stay in Lexis and learn Korean.
The teaching was somehow different than in Germany.
For example learning over 100 words in one day was really strange and difficult for me.
But it wa...s fun seeing myself improved day by day and showing my new Korean friends my improved skills of Korean.
I was really surprised how fast I could learn the 한글(Korean).
In only one week I could read and write a language that consisted of characters.
Even though Korea has a lot of English words around Seoul, it felt good to be able to write, talk and speak in Korean.
In the end I can say that Lexis Korea was the best choice for me because learning in a class is always more helpful than learnings on your own.
Now I can even watch my most favorite Korean TV Show without subtitle and I understand almost more than 50%.
2014.11.24 16:28:27 (*.74.234.107)



Ms.Dam, Shelley [Australia]

To Lexis Korea Staff(especially 써니선생님(Sunny), 보영선생님(Bo-young),시내선생님(Si-nae),상우선생님(Sangwoo),진주선생님(Jin-ju) and 서현선생님(Chloe))

I had a fantastic two weeks studying the Full-time Intensive Korean Course here at Lexis Korea. This was my first time studying at language school overseas but from the moment I stepped into Lexis Korea greeting Sunny, Kotomi, Chloe and Charlotte at reception to the moment I leave after the end of classes or daily activity, I felt very welcomed, like a family member. From day one where I went on the Gangnam with 진주선생님(Jin-ju teacher), to the meet-up with the local Korean IELTS students and Friday afternoon excursions to Gyeonbokgung Palace, everyday was very interesting and informative about Korean culture.

For any prospective Full-time Korean student, the morning and afternoon class is where all the hard work is at. I was Elementary Class with 보영선생님(Bo-young teacher) and Survival Korean2 Class with 시내선생님(Si-nae teacher) and I felt that all four areas of listening, speaking, writing and reading have improved overall. Where else can students learn new vocabulary by Tuesday morning to play charades game in Korean. Thank you for making studying Korean so much fun.

On a personal note, thank you so much to 서현선생님(Chloe) for accompanying me through the whole journey for when I had a bad cold during my first week here at Lexis Korea from accompanying to the medical clinic to translating the pharmacist instructions regarding medications and for looking after me like my mother.

The close family-like atmosphere between the students and teachers here at Lexis Korea is what makes learning here so great as students feel comfortable to ask questions or explanation to new grammatical concepts at any time.

I had made wonderful memories and friendships here with all the students and teachers for which I am very thankful for and will never forget.

If the opportunity arises again in the future, I would love to come back to Lexis Korea and South Korea again to study.

2014.11.21 15:11:48 (*.74.234.107)

MR.Truy, Rhottana [Swiss]

I had a really great time here in Korea.
I was a little bit scared at first but as soon as you meet the people at Lexis

you feel relieved because everyone here is super nice :)
I’ve been here for just two weeks but it was a really memorable stay in Korea!
I would recommend my friends to come here!
2014.11.21 15:07:29 (*.74.234.107)

Mr.Nagao,Yuki [Japan]




2014.11.19 09:54:24 (*.74.234.107)

Ms.Kwok, Chun-Ping [Taiwan]


I remember that the first day when I came to Lexis, I was really nervous. However, when Sunny is amiable to introduce for Lexis, It's really make me relax. I didn't have any stress when I study Korean in Lexis. I study and also have fun every day! If we have any question, the teachers and Chloe will help you kindly.
In Lexis I meet a lot of friend from different country. Furthermore, there are some Korean who are learning English in Lexis. I also met a lot of Korean friends when I joined the activities of Lexis. Beside I'm learning in Korean language but I'm also improving my English skills. The reason is that I always spend my time whit my foreigner friends. I think that is quite worth for me because I can learn two languages in Korea.
I love here so much so I don't want to go back Taiwan. I already extended one month to stay and study in Korea. Three months in Lexis, I’m really really happy and enjoyed here for everything!!! If I have a chance in the future, I definitely will come back!!!! "I'll be back"ㅋㅋㅋ

저는 한국에서 진짜 너무 좋아해요! 나중 한국 다시 꼭 와요~ 렉시스 코리아 사랑해요!!!!!
2014.11.18 15:59:52 (*.74.234.107)

MS.Fichtner, Maren [Germany]

I really enjoyed my time here at Lexis Korea.

I got to know a lot of people and were able to make new friends.

I also enjoyed the classes because the teachers were more like friends than strict teachers.

It made the atmosphere in the classroom really comfortable.

My Korean improved a lot during my stay here in Lexis and I wish I could stay longer to get better at it.  I might come back another time to improve my Korean

All in all I enjoyed being at Lexis Korea a lot and hopefully there will be a next time :)


2014.11.12 09:36:31 (*.74.234.107)




Mr. Derstine, Kendall [United States]


I had the opportunity to participate in an intensive 4 weeks course in which my Korean greatly improved.
Vocabulary and not being afraid to speak are key in learning the language.Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when speaking.
Memorization helps however using vocabulary in real situations will help you greatly improve. While listening to the news focus on catching key words and understanding the context.
This will help improve your Korean comprehension.
This language program was excellent.
Most importantly, when learning a foreign language it’s up to you to make the most of it.
The amount of effect you put into it goes hand in hand with your success in Korean!



2014.11.12 09:31:40 (*.74.234.107)



Ms.Ushakova, Tatiana [Russia]



I've participated 5 week intensive course of Korean language in Lexis
school, and it was the most unforgettable and pleasant experience in my
The staff of the school is top professional.Teachers are able to
precisely work out your language level and arrange the necessary classes
to improve your weak points.
The best thing is that all the classes are very entertaining, but at the
same time well organized and very useful. Even if you are beginner in
learning language, already after the first few days you are getting
enough knowledge and vocabulary to start simple talking with people!
The language program I had was excellent! Now I feel much more confident
in using Korean language (understanding it, writing and speaking).
All the teachers and the staff are extremely helpful in all the
questions and always friendly. They became my second family!
And the last, but not the least...Here you have a great opportunity to
make new incredible friends from all over the world!


Мне выпала замечательная возможность пройти интенсивный курс корейского

языка в школе Lexis (5 недель). Это по-настоящему незабываемы приятный опыт!
Сразу порадовало то, что сотрудники школы очень профессионально
работают. До этого я немного изучала язык самостоятельно. В школе очень
точно определили мой уровень знаний и подобрали для меня наиболее
подходящие занятия. Уже после первого дня занятий я перестала бояться и
начала потихоньку говорить по-корейски (даже на улице)!!
Те студенты, кто начинает изучать язык с нуля, уже после первой недели
занятий набирает достаточное количество знаний, чтоб вести не очень
сложный разговор. Быстро нарабатываются навыки понимать речь, писать и
говорить. Курс очень хорошо организован и очень эффективен. Процесс
построен на пять с плюсом!!
Учителя и сотрудники школы всегда готовы помочь по любым вопросам, и
всегда очень дружелюбны. Мы стали настоящей семьей!!
И конечно же еще одним замечательным бонусом является то, что здесь вы
сможете найти настоящих и очень интересных друзей со всего мира!

Thank you!
감사합니다! 사랑해요  렉시스!!

2014.11.10 13:51:31 (*.74.234.107)



Ms. Bondi, Giulia [Italy]


The time I spent here was really comfortable and funny.

Everyone was so kind to me and was always here when I needed help. I’m really thankful to all of you.

The lesson were really helpful and it will be useful in my university.

I’m really glad that I came here. I made previous memories that I’m never going to forget.

I would like to come again if I have the possibility.

While staying here the time flew and now it’s already time for me to go back home. I’m a little bit sad, but everything was funny and I don’t have regrets.

Thank you so much!

사랑해요! 정말 감사합니다!^-^ 렉시스 코리아 화이팅!

선생님들 만세!!! Chloe 감사합니다!!!!!!!!!!!


2014.11.07 16:03:19 (*.74.234.107)



Korea is such an amazing country and the capital city(Seoul) is so perfect.

You will never be bored at Seoul and there will be always something to do.

I really enjoyed life in South Korea.

Lexis is a really good academy!!!

Classes are so clear. The teachers are so funny and they show their effort and hard work in every single class.

And I will never forget Sunny, Chloe and Charlotte.

They always try to help you, and every single day they receive you with a big smile.

In Lexis you also have the opportunity to meet Korean people.

Everyone was so kind and friendly to me.

I will never forget all this time I spend here in Seoul and Lexis.

Thank you~~ 감사합니다 ㅋㅋ

2014.11.07 15:28:28 (*.74.234.107)



I had a nice time at Lexis Korea and enjoyed the Korean drama class!

I wished that I could stay a bit longer in Seoul, One week is really short but I think, my Korean Improved a litte bit. It was worth it. 감사합니다 to everyone here !  

2014.11.07 15:13:39 (*.74.234.107)



안녕하세요? ㅋㅋㅋ
Thanks to Lexis for giving me one of the most beautiful and funniest experience in my life!
I've learned a lot of korean and made incredible new friends!
I can't wait to come back next year! ...
Please wait for me
I never forget the good moments we spent together!


2014.07.28 19:49:38 (*.74.234.107)

I came to Korea to learn Korean and to meet new people and discover Seoul. In Lexis I met great teachers and students. With the part-time intensive Korean language course, I had a good balance between learning and exploring. My Korean improved a lot ! I wish I could have stayed longer !

2014.07.28 19:45:04 (*.74.234.107)

My time at Lexis have been a lot of fun. I came to Korea by myself. So I was very nervous about school. But when I started I quickly got to know some other swedish students so I was relived. I also met a lot of foreign people from all around the world. I really like all the teachers and the people in the receiption! Everyone is really nice and fun to talk to. It has been a great experience and I can definetely consider coming back in the future.

2014.04.28 10:18:23 (*.74.234.107)



「말하기」と「쓰기」が上手く出来なくて言いたいことを上手く伝えることができず、もどかしくなったりもしましたが、Lexis Koreaで韓国語の勉強をすることが出来て良かったです!!新聞を読むことや、ニュースを視聴することは日本では中々出来ないことだと思うので、とても為になったように思います、TOPIK対策の勉強ができたことも良かったです。

私は今回のこの機会を100%活かしきることが出来なかったのですが、現地の韓国人の方や多様な国の方と同じ場所で学べるLexis Koreaの環境は、韓国語を学ぶ事はもちろん、韓国の文化や多様な国々の文化、言語に触れる事ができ自分を成長させてくれる場であると感じました。


2週間というとても短い時間でしたが、Lexis Koreaで得たものはとても大きいように思います。


2014.04.28 09:50:56 (*.74.234.107)








2014.02.07 14:05:31 (*.74.234.107)

I spent one month in Lexis Korea. 
This month is the most wonderful month of my life. 
The teachers of Lexis Korea are very nice. 
The students are so wonderful and nice too. 

About the classes, the teachers helped me when I had difficulties with Korean which is really hard to learn. But with time and practice my Korean get better. 
Be careful with the Friday test ! It's really difficult ! 

Lexis has activities too which allow students to know each other and visit Seoul which was fun. It's a good way to make friends with students from many countries and teachers too, learn their languages and practice Korean. At the end I was talking  to my friends in English, Japanese, Korean and French!

Thank you everybody for making this month incredible ! I will always be grateful for that!

사랑해요 !
2014.01.02 15:28:36 (*.74.234.107)


I learned a lot as a student at Lexis Korea. 

I was here only a month and my Korean language skills greatly improved. 

Being at Lexis also gave me the chance to meet native speakers and make friends with them! It would have been difficult to meet people if I did not attend Lexis Korea. 

Thank you to the wonderful staff and students I met!

2013.09.05 22:03:58 (*.196.69.239)




Lexis Korea is a very friendly place. Everybody helps you and you get some new contacts.
The building is very new and has a good atmosphere to study.
I felt very well at Lexis Korea and will recommend it to my friends.


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