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Lexis Korea can arrange accommodation at a range of mini-studio locations.  Mini-studios, or Koshiwan, are low-priced accommodation normally used by university students living in Seoul.  Rooms are self contained, with basic furnishings and an internal bathroom.  Kitchen and laundry facilities are shared, and there is always free rice, noodles and kimchi available.  Please keep in mind that while mini-studios are the cheapest possible private accommodation in Gangnam, the rooms are very small!


Typically, the mini-studios we provide are located within a 15 minute walk to the Lexis campus and ashort stroll to a near-endless selection of shops, restaurants and bars.  


Full CCTV security system is in place, along with autolocking doors and on-site security, making mini-studios an ideal option for women travelling alone.  Many providers offer 'women only' floors.


Rooms are all for single use, and include:

-          Bed

-          TV / Computer (Internet is free)

-          Fridge

-          Desk / Chair

-          Storage space

-          Bathroom


The building also offers:

-          Laundry

-          Kitchen

-          Outdoor eating space


Available for stays from just a week, mini-studios our most popular accommodation option. 


Mini-studios are a great way to enjoy reasonably priced accommodation in the heart of Gangnam.  


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