1:1 Private Lesson

  • Flexible schedule

  • Customizable lesson

  • Quicker Progression

  • All levels

This is a one to one intensive lesson between a teacher and a student, taught either as a stand-alone program or as an addition to the Intensive classes for those who require additional support. This program is recommended for students who are not able to attend our regular Intensive classes or for students who would prefer individual private attention.

Teachers are not only assigned to students based upon their specific interests but the class curriculum is also tailored to target your specific interests and personal goals. The teaching materials can be customized upon request and will be selected based on your level and preference.

Classes are typically two hours in duration, but alternative arrangements can be made depending on student’s preference. Students may wish to form their own schedule to best suit their personal needs. After deciding on which days and time of the week to meet, please consult us to finalize the schedule.

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