1. Kindly send your completed enrolment form to enrol@lexiskorea.com
2. We will acknowledge receipt of your signed application and issue an invoice. This will generally occur on the business day following receipt of your application.
3. It is strongly suggested that all students obtain relevant insurance cover prior to travelling to Korea.
4. When you receive your invoice, please make full payment of your fees in Korean Won, including all optional service fees. Payment may be made either via bank transfer, bank draft, bank cheque, or credit card. Personal cheques cannot be accepted.
5. Please be advised that you are required to make full payment no later than 2 weeks prior to your course commencement date to confirm your place.
6. Please notify us immediately of any changes to your proposed course start date by contacting enrol@lexiskorea.com

1. If you wish to use our Accommodation service, you should apply at least 4 weeks before your intended arrival date in Korea to allow us adequate time to find the most suitable accommodation for you.
2. If you require for us to arrange or approve a guardian for students under 18 years old, we require at least 4 weeks’ notice.
3. Kindly provide us with your flight details (i.e. flight number, date & time of arrival) at least 3 weeks before you arrive.
4. We will aim to confirm your accommodation and airport pick-up (if requested) details 2 weeks prior to your arrival.
5. Please note that if you provide us fewer than 48 hours notice to any changes made to your flight details, we are not able to guarantee that we will be able to make the necessary changes to your airport pick-up and / or accommodation arrangements. This could result in you having to incur additional costs.
6. We will not be able to guarantee that accommodation can be arranged at short notice. If we receive a last minute service request for accommodation, we reserve the right to temporarily place you in a hotel at your own cost upon your arrival in Korea, until we are able to secure your accommodation for you.


1. In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, your place in any of Lexis Korea’s course(s) will not be confirmed until fees are received in full and our bank has confirmed receipt of your payment.
2. Cancellations are not effective until they are received in writing.
3. The registration fee is not refundable.
4. If you are not granted a visa, all fees except the Registration Fee will be refunded within 4 weeks of Lexis Korea receiving written notification.
5. If you cancel your course 28 days or more before your course commencement date, all fees received except the Registration Fee will be refunded.
6. If you cancel your course fewer than 28 days before your course commencement date, a cancellation fee of 20% of paid tuition fees will apply. All other fees except the registration fee will be refunded.
7. No tuition fees will be refunded if you advise us of cancellation on or after your course commencement date.
8. If you defer the date of commencement of your course, then proceed to cancel your course prior to the new commencement date, the cancellation policy will apply from the initial course state date and not the deferred start date.
9. The Accommodation Placement Fee and/or Airport Transfer Fee are not refundable if you cancel the service fewer than 2 weeks before the scheduled date. You may also be liable for 2 weeks of the accommodation fees if a replacement student cannot be found. No refund of the initial 4 weeks accommodation fees will be made if you leave the accommodation during that period.
10. Where we do not offer an advertised course, or withdraw the delivery of the course prior to its completion, you will be offered, within 2 weeks, a refund of the unused portion of the course fees paid to that date. Alternatively, you may be offered a suitable alternative course at no extra cost. You have the right to choose a refund or the offer of placement in another course. Acceptance of any offer must be confirmed in writing within 30 days of the offer being made.
11. Applications for refunds must be made in writing and addressed to “The Registrar – Lexis Korea”.
12. Any refunds payable under this policy (with the exception those payable under Clause 10) will be made within 4 weeks of receiving the written refund application.
13. Refunds will only be paid in the same currency in which the fees were received, and paid to the person who entered into the contract. We require written approval from the student if the refund is to be made to another party.
14. Lexis Korea may make reasonable variations to the delivery of programs (e.g. course times, teachers, timetables, classrooms). Students will be provided with reasonable advanced notice should this occur and will have the opportunity to access the internal complaints and appeals process should they feel
disadvantaged by such variation, should it occur.
15. In all cases of suspension and/or expulsion due to non-compliance with the Student Code of Conduct, no refund of monies paid to the College will be made unless required by law.
16. Requests to change the course could be approved only at the discretion of management with a payment of 100,000 Korean Won of Course Change fee.
17. These regulations may be waived only in exceptional circumstances by the Executive Management of the college at their absolute discretion.

Privacy Policy

Lexis Korea is committed to protecting your privacy and complying with legislation governing the handling of personal information. Personal information collected through electronic traffic will be used only for the University’s educational, research and administrative processes, unless you consent to release of the information for other purposes; or discovery is required by Freedom of Information or similar legislation.

Respecting Your Privacy

Lexis Korea takes every precaution to protect your data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction. However, you should note there are inherent risks associated with transmission of information via the Internet. Therefore you should make your own assessment of the potential risks to the security of your information when making a decision as to whether or not to transmit information to Lexis Korea by electronic means.

For More Information

If you believe Lexis Korea has not adhered to these principles, please notify us in writing, addressed to: The Privacy Contact Officer, Lexis Korea, 11F Anytower, Gangnamdaero 53gil 7, Seoul, Korea