제목LEXIS BUSAN 4+1 PROMO2019-01-08 22:24:35

Happy New Year 2019!! We hope it has been a great start for all of you. 

Here at Lexis Korea, we are kick starting the year with Lexis Busan exclusive New Year 4+1 promotion, offering students who enrol for a minimum of 4 weeks, with 1 FREE extra week on us! This promotion is applicable for both our Intensive Korean 25 and Intensive Korean 15 courses. 



This promotion is valid only for enrolments to Lexis Busan campus. To be eligible for this promotion, all enrolments have to commence prior to the 30th April 2019.

Enrolments for classes commencing after the 30th April 2019 will not be eligible for this 4+1 promotion.