제목NO QUARANTINE from 1st April 20222022-03-15 13:16:45
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We are thrilled to inform you that quarantine is no longer required for fully vaccinated international travelers effective April 1st, 2022. 🎉🎉🎉 

All vaccines recognized by WHO only would be accepted. People who have had the booster shot, and those who are within 180 days after 14 days post-second shot (first and only for Janssen) will be the ones considered fully vaccinated. 
Both of our campus in Seoul and Busan is ready for your leaning Korean Journey and we can't wait to see you all in our campus! It's time to travel! ✈️🇰🇷

Quarantine Exemptions Details 
  • The quarantine (7 days) conducted on all overseas entrants after the outbreak of the Omicron mutant virus will be exempted from March 21 for those who have completed vaccination in Korea and abroad with registration of their vaccination historyFrom April 1, the exemption will extend to those who completed vaccination abroad but have not registered their vaccination history.
  • Definition of completed vaccination for those who will be exempt from quarantine due to the above measures; within 14-180 days of the second vaccination (once for Janssen) and those who have received third vaccinations in accordance with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) emergency approval vaccination completion criteria.
  • In addition, the use of quarantine transportation networks (cars, quarantine taxis, KTX) after entering the country will be suspended from April 1, considering the burden of local governments due to domestic quarantine conditions, and all inbound travelers will be able to use public transportation.
  • From March 21, overseas vaccination history can be registered through the government’s pre-registered system before arrival in Korea. LinkQ-code – Quarantine covid19 defence (
  • Travelers from countries with high risk* considering will be still required 7 day quarantine (*Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Myanmar).

All travellers still require to conduct three Covid-19 tests:
  • PCR test within 48hrs before boarding
  • PCR test on the first day after entry
  • RAT test On the  6th to 7th days after entry