Ms.Perraut, Lea Josephine [Germany]

Studying at Lexis was a lot of fun. In just 3months I learned so much about the Korean language and culture. While we studied very hard in the morning, the afternoon class was more relaxing, we did many fun and interesting things and activities with our teachers.

I can definitely recommend this language course to everyone, regardless of age!

The teachers and staffs are super nice, thanks to all of you for answering my questions and helping me with everything!

I hope we will meet again one day! Until then, stay healthy!

렉시스 코리아에서 공부하는 동안 너무 재미있었어요.
친구를 많이 만나고 맛있는 밥을 먹었어요.
안가고 싶어요..여러분 보고 싶을 거예요!
다음에 다시 또 만나요!