Lexis MAP


My Academic Plan….at Lexis Korea


The Lexis MAP program is designed to ensure that we provide the best possible study support for your time in the school and beyond.


Each student will receive:


-          Individual level test

-          Personalised study plan

-          ‘Week One’ interview and review

-          Monthly one-to-one meetings with the Academic Director


Your personal study plan is designed to guide your study while at Lexis.  Based on your initial test results and interview with the Academic Director, the MAP Study Plan ensures that we keep your study program on track, maximize the use of your out of class study time, and get the best possible language learning results on your time in Seoul!


“When I went to Lexis, it was my first time in Asia. Actually, it was my first time to leave the United States! It was very nice to be listened to on my first day, and I felt that everything was made very clear to me in my MAP folder”, Carmen (21), United States

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