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Lexis is an industry-leading group of language colleges with campuses in some of the world’s leading study locations.


Lexis Korea welcomes students from around the world to our modern campus in the Gangnam, Seoul and Seomyeon, Busan in Korea. 

Students come to Lexis Korea from a wide range of backgrounds, and with any number of reasons for learning the Korean language – many of our students are arriving in Seoul for the first time, having been introduced to the vibrant Korean culture through the K-Pop phenomenon, while others have lived in Korea for years and are looking to upgrade their language skills for work, in preparation for the TOPIK test, or for further study. 

For studying with us, at Lexis you will be assured of the best available facilities, highly trained and fully qualified Korean language instructors and a fun.

Of course, learning does not stop in the classroom!  At Lexis, we have a fantastic mix of after school and weekend activities to ensure you make the most of your time in Seoul.  Whether you are looking for the 24/7 action that offers, or would rather contemplate the cherry blossoms in a traditional Buddist temple, our activity staff have the skills and experience to ensure you don’t waste a minute of your stay.

If you’d like to learn more about Lexis Korea, please contact us through one of our many overseas representatives.   Alternatively, we invite you to contact us directly with any questions you may have.


Welcome to Korea – the Land of Morning Calm….and days filled with excitement!


“ I lived in Korea for 3 years before I took my first Korean class at Lexis. It’s amazing how much difference it’s made to my life here just to be able to read the signs and chat with my friends over a beer in their own language”, Michael (31), Australia

“I’m crazy about Korean dramas! My dream is to watch them in the original language. Sometimes we translate movies and TV shows in class…those are the best lessons for me!”

Mina (22), Japan


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