Getting a Visa

Most short-term international students do not require a visa to enter Korea.  Rather, you can enter the country for up to between 30 and 90 days with a ‘visa on arrival’ at Incheon Airport.

For more information, visit Korean Immigration


Temporary Visiting Visa (C3)

If you are from a country requiring a visa to enter Korea, you may apply for a C3 Visa.  This is a short term visa for those entering Korea to study, for tourism, transit, visiting relatives or other similar reasons.  It does not allow you to work.  You can stay on a C3 visa for up to 3 months


How to apply for a Tourist Visa

  • Applicant applies in person

  • Can apply at any Korean embassy or consulate

  • Flight itinerary issued by a travel agency or airline.

Required documents

  • Passport (with at least 8 months left on it)

  • Visa application form

  • C3 application fee of U$30 (single-entry), U$50 (multiple-entry)

  • Passport-sized color photos

For tourists, attending wedding/conference/meetings

  • Documents that prove reason for entry

  • invitation card, confirmation of reservation

  • proof of financial status (bank account statement)

For more details you visa processing times check out your Korean Embassy or Consulate or go to the source Korean immigration.


Working Holiday Visa (H-1)

South Korea has a working holiday visa scheme set up with 12 countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States of America. In 2010 South Korea and Ireland started a working holiday visa agreement with 400 visas to be issued yearly for Irish and Korean citizens.

The working holiday visa is valid for 12 months however in the case of the United States it is valid for 18 months. The working holiday visa in Korea is called the H-1 Visa.


Working Holiday Visa Requirements for Korea:

  • When applying for the Visa you must be aged between 18 – 30.

  • Must have original bank statement issued in the last 3 months with sufficient funds. Usually anything above 2,000 usd or 1,500 euro.

  • Schedule and plan of your trip. e.g I will live in Seoul for 3 months and sight see while working part time then move to Busan.

  • Criminal Background check. The criminal background check must be affixed with an Apostille. The apostille is a stamp or document issued by your government to verify that the documents are real.

  • Round trip ticket. However it is not always checked.

  • Medical insurance to cover you for your stay in Korea.

  • The working holiday visa must be applied for in the Korean embassy in your home country. You cannot apply for the visa abroad and you must visit the embassy in person.


  • You are not allowed to teach English while on the working holiday visa. If you wish to teach you must change your visa to the E2 visa while in Korea.

  • You are not allowed to engage in any Adult Entertainment related to businesses also becoming a dancer, singer or acrobat is prohibited.

  • Not allowed to engage in jobs that require a specific licence or skill, such as in the field of medical practices, lawyer, professor, pilot, etc.

  • Not allowed to engage in journalism, religion, academic research or instruction of engineering-related technical skills. You must get a different visa for these.

  • You must have no dependent children.

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