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Coming to Korea isn’t just about learning a new language - It’s about using it in real-life situations, making friends, and discovering this amazing country of ours and the sights and experiences you can have here.



Whether you are looking to party late into the night, or want to experience the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding countryside, Seoul offers a thrilling range of activities.


Koreans work hard….and they play hard!  Within just a few minutes’ walk of the Lexis Gangnam campus are literally thousands of entertainment options – enjoy a quiet drink with friends or experience one of the great nightclub districts of Asia.  Our staff arrange regular student nights to introduce you to parts of Gangnam that you may never have discovered on your own.


But Korea is so much more than just a big night out!  Our students can learn Korean cooking from some of the most experienced and talented chefs in the country.  They can find solitude in centuries-old temples lost deep in the mountains.  Weekends come alive with the madness of a K-Pop concert, ski trips to some of the best slopes in Asia, or take in the eerie experience of visiting the chilling DMZ.  You can even jump on a ferry for a short stay in Japan!


Whatever your tastes, our staff are happy to arrange social, sightseeing and cultural experiences that will make the most of your time in this amazing country.


Experiences you just can’t miss ...


Lexis | Gangnam

- Party hard at the nightclubs and bars of Gangnam and Hongdae

- Awake to the ‘morning calm’ on a weekend mountain temple-stay

- Shop until you can shop no more at any of the huge range of markets, brand shops, malls and department stores that Seoul has to offer

- Try your hand at the culinary delights of Korean cooking…more than just Kimchi!

- Experience the sensation that is K-Pop at a stadium concert


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